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Business Verticle : Monolithic Construction
Monolithic Construction
Building Construction
PG Setty is pioneer in introducing the Monolithic construction in the Government Sector for its Mass Housing projects for the Slum Dwellers and economically weaker section.
ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY (4 houses (Shell) in 48 hours)
Monolithic construction is a method where a structure is Monolithically built using a Homogeneous Material. We have successfully achieved an efficiency of 4 houses in 48 hours by importing the World Class Form Work technology from USA.
  Most of the key components like walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, staircases, balconies, openings, hoods, storage lofts, etc., are monolithically concreted in-situ.
  No need of bricks, blocks and plastering.
  Because of reduced dead load, superstructure and foundation cost are minimized without compromising on strength.
  These structures are efficient against earth-quake due to its single rigid block nature.
  Amenable to fast-track construction.
  Excellent finished surface avoids expensive plastering and enhances a relatively water resistant surface.
  All services like electrical, plumbing & Sanitary are embedded before concreting which avoids breaking & making of structures.
  It demands least quality control on site-which is the greatest advantage for fast track construction.
  Whenever there is a challenge of construction in least possible time with best quality.
In a nut shell,
Adopting the best formwork system, Monolithic concrete construction & appropriate materials will lead to Fast track, cost effective sustainable development in construction ensuring quality, time, cost & durability due to Homogeneity.
The technology is contributing in solving to a great extent in supporting the vision of the National & State Governments in providing housing to the economically disadvantaged group of citizen and its journey towards a developed country.
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